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Modern mobility technologies for the automotive industry

Our partner is one of the leaders, providing modern mobility technologies for the automotive industry. Their solutions are used in more than 400 million vehicles and are based on modernity and innovation, which is proven by over 1000 patents held by the company.

The product is an advanced, intelligent and innovative voice recognition assistant. Algorithms used in the solution are able to understand the natural language leading to superb accuracy and performance. Human-like voice output, deep content analysis, coexistence and interoperability – these are only a few advantages of the product we’re engaged with.

Advanced voice recognition technologies are used in various solutions for automotive:

Co-Pilot – first of its kind, multi-modal driving experience that transforms the automotive voice assistant into a proactive, intuitive, AI-powered companion that can support drivers. Co-Pilot runs directly on a vehicle’s head unit, with advanced AI deeply integrated with car sensors and data to understand complex situations both inside the vehicle and around it. Serving as the central brain of the car, it analyzes a combination of voice, gaze, gesture & touch input and information from the car’s sensors while flexibly and securely integrating edge technologies with cloud services.

Drive – complex system, understanding individual preferences, personalizing entertainment, and executing complex, contextual commands. It can also find preferred parking, play users’ favorite songs, direct them to the gas stations with the best prices, and prioritize the voices it needs to hear while muting the ones it doesn’t, maximizing the safety, productivity and enjoyment of every customer journey.

Conversational AI – intelligent mobility assistant understanding the natural language. Equipped with broad domain coverage, access to external content services and interoperability with third-party assistants.

In-Car Communication - perfectly suited for larger vehicles like minibuses and vans where there are more than two rows of seats. ICC picks up speech from the driver through specially placed microphones, processes it, cleans it up, and plays it over the speakers in the rear of the car – all in an instant.