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We focus on what we are best at
We specialize in backend

Emerge Soft is a company founded and developed by engineers, understanding and perfectly connecting both business and technical requirements to fulfill our Customer’s needs.

We started as a bunch of friends, delivering backend, JAVA and C++ based solutions, for one of the world’s biggest telecoms. Our skills have grown over the years, turning us into specialists in algorithms and server-side solutions. Now we are bringing those values to You.

Emerge Soft offers support through the entire software engineering process. We assist in developing ideas, gathering requirements, designing, implementing, testing, deploying and maintaining IT systems. Our engineers have a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience to create complex, advanced and compliant solutions from scratch.

Both our experience and Customers are related with telecom, on-line gaming, sport betting, fin-tech and automotive industries. Programming languages we commonly use are JAVA, Kotlin, C, C++. We are using the newest available technologies and approaches, which guarantees our solutions are always up-to-date. Our engineers have a broad knowledge of the whole software development process, flexibly using Test Driven Development and Domain Driven Design principles. We understand pros of using widely available solutions (i.e. Spring, Apache Kafka, QT) with an extensive community, which leads to easy update, upgrade and maintenance processes.

Emerge Soft’s teams tightly cooperate with our Customers using elastic Agile methodologies, understanding the importance of business. This makes delivering perfectly-suited services in an optimal and cost-effective way possible.