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We deliver complex solutions

We live in a time when various types of data are collected and used at every single step. However, only a limited amount of information can be extracted from each collection. The real value lies in the correlation of certain events, facts and details.

Only then are we able to see certain connections and relationships that were previously hidden from our sight. Analyzing an integrated set of data opens up entirely new possibilities for gaining knowledge about business processes, which leads to improving production efficiency, decision-making, increasing sales or offering products and services to a carefully selected group of buyers. As a result, we save time and money, which allows us to accelerate the development of business.

This is where a domain known as Data Integration comes with help. Such an approach allows us to collect and process different types of data, which are usually in various formats and coming from multiple sources. Their appropriate processing and correlation result in new output data, which can be then analyzed in depth to provide answers for many different questions.

Emerge Soft, being a backend systems specialist, faces data and systems integration challenges on a daily basis. This is especially common in the fintech sector, when connecting various types of analytical, payments or other data-based systems. In general, the main task of an IT system is to process and collect data to achieve a defined result. To achieve this, in the background, out of sight of the system user, hundreds of records are retrieved, processed and stored. They can then be used to retrieve business-critical intelligence.

Our engineers have vast experience in designing IT architecture and integrating data IT systems. This allows us to freely build complex, scalable and efficient data processing systems. We are well aware of concepts related to microservices or Event Driven Architecture, where the synchronous and asynchronous communication between multiple component applications through dedicated APIs is the foundation.