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From a simple idea to a company with a global footprint - this is the path that Emerge has been walking for the past 13 years.

Everything started with a friendship - two friends Bartłomiej Urban and Tomasz Plewa took up the challenge and moved to Sweden for the customer who needed their unique development skills.

It quickly became clear that they were not only talented developers but also skillful managers, so the client entrusted them with internal consultant projects - it was 2011, Emerge constituted itself and started to expand with the involvement and expertise of Michał Szustak and Michał Jastrzębski.

After some time, in 2016, the company had not only consultants on site in Swedish offices, but also built a strong team in the Warsaw office, both of which were supported by Operation Manager - Gabriela Poreda.

Rapid growth has attracted Swedish partner to support further expansion of the company.

As in every journey, it hasn’t always been easy - pandemic hit and there have been several bumps on the road, however the company still experienced steady growth.

In 2021 Marcin Kłoda joined the board as CEO to move expansion forward, growing operations in Europe expanding the footprint of Emerge to Argentina and USA.

The road is long however one thing remains the same - Emerge started from a real friendship and respect, and is following that path the last decade. Staying true to these values brings us joy and fuels our success!