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We’re backend

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

Who we are

Passion is what describes us best. Technology is natural and obvious, but we believe there is more to it. The society consists of different people - we are athletes, social activists, racing enthusiasts, board game players, musicians, animal lovers, football fans and many more. The variety makes us unique and constitutes our value, but only together we are able to achieve great things. Emerge is a fantastic platform for personal and commercial growth.

Our philosophy

Emerge is built on great relationships. This is the reason why we have succeeded in the first place. This is our core value which we care for and cultivate. Both our and our Customers’ businesses are driven forward by people’s engagement, motivation and interpersonal relations. 90% of our cooperation is long-term large-scale with a very low attrition rate. We care about your business and we support your growth.

How we work

We are pragmatic - when it comes to development, business growth and the way we take on new challenges. Agile is the word that describes it well. We apply this not only to the commercial projects but also to any other initiatives, it is embedded in the company’s culture. It helps us to be effective ensuring high quality supported by appropriate level of thought, turned into a comprehensive plan making the execution a success.

Emerge expertise focuses on a few specific areas, where we constantly improve our capabilities and interests.



Things we’ve made.